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2006 RAM 2500 Megacab

This truck started as an 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Megacab SLT Cummins bought by BDE in the fall of 2012. The idea in mind was to build a high quality sound system with out disturbing the interior of the cabin and leaving it fully functional. We started by fully gutting the interior and sound deadening every square inch of the floor, pillars and roof with Hushmat. We fully outfitted the stereo with JBL speakers and amplifiers. The brains of the operation are ran through a pioneer 7” touch screen. Power and signal wires are T-Spec product made by Metra and the extra battery power is supplied by XS Power. Accent lighting is Street Glow inside and out. The seats were recovered with charcoal gray leather with a maroon accent stitch. The exterior of the truck was then accented with Westin, Putco, and DeeZee stainless products and Recon lighting. 2” leveling blocks from Tuff Country provide a blanaced look not present in the stock truck. For a little extra power and fuel economy Edge supplied the Cummins with an Edge CTS with attitude and we replaced the stock exhaust with a 5” MBRP turbo back exhaust system. We used a South Bend street dual disk to handle the new power and future upgrades. All of these products can be purchased and installed with Black Diamond Electronics.

2006 Dodge 2500 Megacab

2005 Chaparral

2005 Chaparral 206 SSi "Good Vibrations"

Fun in the sun and out on the water. The goal this time around was about having a system that not only sounds good on the boat itself but is powerful enough to be enjoyed on the beach as well. Heading up this system is a Fusion MS-UD650 UNI-Dock Marine radio. With 2 auxillary controllers (MS-NRX200i) for the captain and the swim deck, this boat has full control from anywhere on the boat. For speakers and amplifiers we went with RE Audio. The front we used a pair of RE XXX 6.5” Component speakers. For the main section of the boat there are 2 sets of RE's SR6.5C components. Powering the components is an RE SA90.4 amp running at 2 ohms. The low end consists of 2 RE SEXv2 10” subwoofers powered by an SA1500.1 amplifier running at 1 ohm. To help out with the sound on the swim deck two 5.25” speakers were installed and ran off the 3rd zone of the Fusion radio powered by an RE SA 50.4 amplifier. Nobody wants to be stuck with a dead battery on the water so an auto disconnect switch and a second battery were added to the boat to keep power constant to the RE amplifiers without drawing from the boat's main starter battery.

2015 389 Peterbilt "Gumby"

This project was designed to bring home on the road while keeping everything small enough to leave room to relax. Up front this truck is outfitted with two sets of RE XXX 6.5” Component sets, ran by an RE SA90.4 amplifier. For the low end we added in two RE SEX series 10" subwoofers powered by an RE SA1500.1 amplifier. With the open road in mind we outfitted this truck with a Clarion NZ503 fold out 7” multimedia receiver. SiriusXM and built in navigation made this the perfect radio for the trucking lifestyle. To make use of the 2nd zone output on our Clarion in-dash we added a small, 2 channel amplifier and a video line to the sleeper for full entertainment while the truck is at rest. Along with the stereo we added interior LED lighting, 10 extra led cab lights, an extra battery, wiring for up to 4 2-way radios and power lines for a mini fridge in the sleeper.

2015 Peterbuilt Glider

Home Electronics

At Black Diamond Electronics we pride ourselves on installing our products for customers in a way that truely stands apart from the rest. Browse the gallery below to view some of our work including TV installations, audio equipment and security systems.

Home Electronics