Remote Starters

Nothing beats a warm, secure vehicle.

Dislike walking out to a cold vehicle in the winter time? Want to be notified if someone is tampering with your vehicle in the parking lot? At Black Diamond Electronics, we carry a full lineup of vehicle security and remote start products. From push-botton remote starters to full 2-way communication devices starter/security devices with smart-phone support, we have it all at Black Diamond Electronics.

Remote Starts

Walking out to a car when it's 0° outside isn't much fun. It's even less fun when the car you're getting into is just as cold as the outside. While we can't change the weather outside, we can make the vehicle you're getting into more comfortable with a remote start system from Black Diamond Electronics. We offer a wide variety of remote starts from such as Python, Viper, and Avital. For people looking for simplicity we offer single push-button remote starts. If you want more control over your vehicle we also have 2-way communication kits that allow you to control things like Climate Control, Heated Seats, and more from either a key-fob or even your smartphone.

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It's an unfortunate reality that we live in a world of consistently increasing crime rates. Protect your vehicle, and everything inside of it, with a security system from Black Diamond Electronics. We carry a wide variety of security systems for all makes, models, security levels, and budgets. Our security systems can also be bundled with a remote start to provide an effective all-in-one package for your vehicle.

Professional Installation

Installing a remote start or security system in a vehicle is definitely not a do-it-yourself in the driveway project anymore. Fortunately, you don't have to worry because buying your remote start from Black Diamond Electronics means you get a system that is professionally installed* and programmed to your specific vehicle. No need to mess with wires or modules that don't work with your vehicle. If you're looking for a hassle-free experience with your remote start or security system, give us a call or come see us today.

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*Additional charges for installation may apply.